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Reporting to Parents

We believe that education is a co-operative effort and we therefore place a great deal of emphasis on the partnership between home and school. Whether your children are New Entrants or are transferring from another school, you will have a number of years involvement in their education and we look forward to joining with you in this phase of their life.

Communication is of vital importance in developing this partnership and we have a variety of ways of communicating formally and informally with one another.
  • A 'Meet the Teacher’ in Term 1.
  • Written reports and interviews mid year to discuss progress.
  • Student lead conferences may be included.
  • Written reports in December summarizing the work for the year.
  • Newsletters every second Thursday to keep you up to date with school activities and organisation.
  • Meeting with your child's teacher after school. If you wish to discuss some aspect of his/her schooling in more depth, telephone your child's teacher to arrange a meeting out of class time.
  • The Principal has an open door policy and, provided he is in the office, is happy to meet with parents/caregivers who call in. If a formal meeting is required, please phone the school office to make an appointment.
  • The Board of Trustees has a set of Policies, Procedures and Statements which guide the management of the school.